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5 Secrets to Stop Sugar Cravings in Their Tracks! 

Free Masterclass 

(And, they have Nothing to do with Willpower)

Say goodbye to uncontrollable sugar cravings and find freedom with what you eat. I’ll show how to bust unhealthy food cravings, gain energy quickly

and naturally through delicious whole foods.

And, it doesn’t have to do with willpower or going hungry!

A Note From Lori…

I’ve been there! I was addicted to sugar and was out of control with unhealthy habits that were not good for my health, stress level, or weight.  After I was in an accident in 2012 with a traumatic brain injury, I looked for other ways to heal.  I worked with a health coach and completely transformed what I ate and how I lived to heal my brain and my life. The power of healing was so miraculous and so simple that I went back to school at the world’s largest nutrition school to coach others to find freedom from their cravings and pain in their bodies.   

I’ve guided hundreds of people on their health journeys, seen similar powerful transformations, and want you to know it’s possible for you too! 

This Masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned in my own healing, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition,  health coaching clients and the latest research.  It’s the secret strategies that will help you stop sugar cravings in their tracks to live the life you’ve always imagined.

If you’ve committed to making this the time to finally take control of your sugar addiction and live the life you want, I can’t wait to help you and see results that last a lifetime.

See You There! 


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