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Free Live Masterclass 

Why You Crave Sweets
& How To Stop

(5 Secrets that Actually Work!)   


Cravings got you down?

If you're sick of struggling to control your cravings, this Wellness Workshop is for you. In just 60 minutes, I'll show you five secrets that have helped my clients break free from unhealthy eating habits.


You'll learn how to gain energy quickly

and naturally through delicious whole foods.

 And, it doesn't have to do with willpower or going hungry!


A Note From Lori…

I've been there! I was addicted to junk food and was out of control with unhealthy habits that were not good for my health, stress level, or weight. 

After sustaining a terrible injury that sidelined me for years, I was determined to make the best of it by taking control of my health. Rather than giving in to my unhealthy habits, I chose the path of healing and discovered its miraculous power. With guidance from a health coach, my eating and lifestyle drastically changed so much that it compelled me to go back to school at one of the largest nutrition schools to help others find freedom through food rather than being enslaved by cravings or pain issues with their bodies.


I've helped hundreds of people reach their health goals, and I'm here to tell you that nothing is impossible. Transformation starts with believing in yourself - let's get started!


Invest in yourself to discover the freedom from cravings, and learn how to live your most desired life. Everything you need for success is included in this Wellness Workshop – it's a culmination of my healing journey, Institute of Integrative Nutrition insights, client health coaching experiences, and up-to-date research findings!


Ready to make a lifelong change and live the life you've always dreamed of? Together, let's embark on an inspiring journey toward lasting success. I'm here to help every step, and the first step is attending the free workshop.

See You There! 


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