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Health Coaching

“I always look forward to my health coaching sessions with Lori.  She guides me with a positive

outlook and has helped me change my mindset about the way I think and see food in a completely different light. She listens well and encourages small positive changes to create healthy changes that will last a lifetime.” 

SB, Hastings, MN

“The most important lesson I’ve learned with Lori’s guidance is how food impacts my mood, sleep, energy and mental clarity. Once I started paying close attention to this, I was surprised at how this changed my outlook and commitment to eating whole food. Through Lori’s encouragement and coaching, I’ve held myself accountable to meditation and aspirations into my daily routine-another surprise towards my goals of living a healthy life filled with energy and peace of mind!”  

Rachel, Lakeville, MN

With Lori's gentle and non-judgmental coaching style, I was able to develop and follow a personalized plan to help me on my path to improved health and wellness. I felt supported when I faced setbacks, and her encouragement motivated me to get back on track instead of giving up and resorting to my old unhealthy habits. One of the most helpful tools I took away with me is how to anticipate and plan for situations in which making healthy choices would be difficult. Lori is truly an inspiration to me -- she "walks her talk" and openly shares the challenges and successes she encounters on her own wellness journey. I couldn't have picked a better coach than Lori!

Kelly, Minneapolis, MN


Wellness Workshops

“Lori Kearney has given over 10 wellness workshops at our Platinum Yoga Studios for us, and our members and community love attending her classes.  She has great attendance and our attendees leave with practical nutrition and wellness tips that they can put into action immediately.  She is full of energy with motivation and inspiration to boost.  Her vast knowledge of nutrition and overall wellness has helped our members look at all parts of health in their lives.” 

DeNae Shewmake, Founder of Platinum Yoga, Burnsville and Rosemount, MN

“We highly recommend Lori for her wellness workshops.  She tailored the presentations to fit the audience and provided useful tips they could put in place after class.  The residents were engaged in Lori’s presentations and they valued her expertise.  Residents felt she was approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable.  Our organization will continue to utilize Lori for wellness workshops and we highly recommend her to other senior communities.”

Michelle Johnson, Life Enrichment Department at Presbyterian Homes -Bloomington, MN



“Lori creates a unique chair yoga class that is tailored for seniors.  They movements are thoughtful and considerate of mobility issues.  Residents enjoy the breathing, stretching, and working on balance exercises. Our classes have doubled in attendance since scheduling Lori.  We highly recommend her Chair Yoga class for a senior community.”     

Michelle Johnson, Life Enrichment Department at Presbyterian Homes -Bloomington, MN


"Reaching for a healthier way of life" by Jennifer Steichen 

Rosemount Town Pages 2016  

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