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Whole Foods Reset for Beginners


Welcome to the Whole Foods Reset for Beginners Program! Discover Your Best Self: Transform Your Health, Lose Weight, and Boost Energy with Our Exciting Whole Foods Reset (while still enjoying real food!) Our program enables you to revamp your diet by focusing on wholesome grains, lean proteins and various vegetables while effectively breaking free from your sugar addiction. The result? A healthier lifestyle that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived. Our participants have reported weight loss of up to 14 lbs, increased energy levels, improved skin issues, and enhanced mental clarity. What's more, our program is beginner-friendly. Kickstart your wellness journey with our easy-to-follow introduction and guided videos. Over 10 days, you'll embark on a whole-food reset designed to yield tangible results without overwhelming you. The best part is that you pick the 10 days to do the reset that works in your schedule! With two private health coaching sessions with Lori Kampa, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, you're assured of personalized attention and guidance. Our program also includes over 90 delicious, nutritious, and cleanse-approved recipes. We provide daily inspiration via video and written content in the program and reflective journaling prompts to keep you motivated and engaged. Expand your knowledge with our bonus guides, which offer tips for healthy dining out and strategies to enhance your cleanse. Finally, navigate your post-cleanse transition with our guided reintroduction, which helps you identify which foods serve your health.

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