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Wellness Workshops

Looking for an inspirational speaker?
Do you have a conference, event, meeting, or retreat and are looking for an engaging Speaker to educate, motivate, empower, and energize your crowd? Want to incorporate health and wellness into your organization with a power lunch hour? 

Lori Kampa is passionate about empowering people to live healthier, more balanced life full of passion and purpose. She offers engaging and informative wellness workshops (in-person and virtual), as well as keynote speeches on a variety of topics related to cultivating resilience, life-work balance, reducing stress, eating whole foods, and more. Lori has eight years of experience in the health industry, and she would love to share her knowledge with your company or organization.
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Lori is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master and facilitates Employee Wellness workshops. These workshops explore ways to implement better nutrition and life choices, resulting in healthier, happier and more productive employees. When employees thrive, organizations prosper.

She utilizes an interactive, informative, and fun approach to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment. This approach allows participants to engage in discussions and interact with other attendees through various exercises. Everyone leaves with something realistic to enrich and better their lives, plus receive information to take with them to help further their knowledge.


All talks are customized for the audience and nothing feels generic. Whether it's an all-female or mixed group, whether an association, corporate or nonprofit organization - there is a message that will resonate with everyone! A typical workshop is one hour in length and may be presented multiple times to allow for the varying schedules of your employees.

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Lori offers 25+ interactive workshops, so if one of the nine workshops listed below isn’t what you are looking for,
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To truly thrive in life, we need to cultivate a resilient body-mind. That means we have the emotional intelligence to adjust and reset quickly whatever stress, demands, and challenges we encounter during the day.



A good night's sleep is key to excellent health, vitality, peak performance, weight maintenance, and good moods. Unfortunately, many of us don't get enough sleep, and our well-being and health suffer. Learn some critical sleep facts, the impact on our bodies of not getting enough, and what you can do about it!



Be inspired to create a healthier life at work! Whether you sit at your desk during your workday or are out socializing with clients, this workshop will give you essential strategies for good health in your work environment, from healthy snacks to healthy travel options. Participants will experience a chair yoga practice.



Stress is now a part of hectic daily lives; it has almost become a status symbol. Chronic or ongoing stress is dangerous, affecting all our organs and cells and leading to various health issues. The good news? We can equip ourselves to better cope with and minimize the stresses in our lives.



With the demands of work and family life constantly on our plates, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. It may seem impossible, but there is hope! Balance is key when it comes to achieving success in both your personal and professional lives. You'll learn practical tips for balancing your career, family time, and health.



Learn the power of our thoughts and how our beliefs help us achieve our goals or limit what we can accomplish in life. Are your thoughts negative and holding you back? Or are they positive thoughts that allow you to move forward with confidence? As we change our thoughts to serve us, our lives and work will go in a new direction. Option for participants to experience a visualization meditation.



You'll be inspired to permanently change your relationship with sugar and turn your life around through the power of healthy eating! You can finally get control over what you eat and drink, not through willpower or discipline, but by understanding what causes those uncontrollable cravings -- and learning how to reduce them!



A healthy brain is vital to living a long, productive, happy, and meaningful life. You'll learn how superfoods can nourish the brain, how healthy fat can improve brain function, and how lifestyle plays a significant role in supercharging your brain for increased productivity and happiness. Option for participants to experience meditation.



You'll learn the benefits yoga and meditation have on your health and experience a chair yoga class.  Perfect for adults who sit a lot throughout the day at work or may need the chair's assistance. Chair support is offered to perform various postures designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Restorative breathing exercises help promote stress reduction and mental clarity. 

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Benefits to Employees
Educating your employees about healthy food and lifestyle choices, stress reduction, exercise, and eating for sustained energy can provide the following benefits:

Improved overall health

 Improved wellness knowledge and healthier eating habits

 Reduced stress and anxiety
 Less sick days

 Fewer food cravings

 Increased energy and vitality

 Increased daily satisfaction

 Increased daily production

Client Testimonials:

“Lori Kearney has given over 10 wellness workshops at our Platinum Yoga Studios for us, and our members and community love attending her classes.  She is an inspiring speaker, attendees leave with practical nutrition and wellness tips that they can put into action immediately. She is full of energy with motivation to boost. Her vast knowledge of nutrition and overall wellness has helped our members look at all parts of health in their lives.” 

DeNae Shewmake, Founder of Platinum Yoga, Burnsville, and Rosemount

Public Events

For a listing of all of Lori Kampa's events open to the public, please learn more here

Health Coaches

Are you a health coach looking to add wellness workshops to your business? Learn more about my Workshops Done Academy immersion program for health coaches here. 


Lori Kampa is available for your next corporate, association, or public event gathering. Wellness workshop pricing is available upon request. 

Click here to request a time to talk about your workshop needs, or contact Lori Kampa directly for more information

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