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5 Secrets to Stop
Sugar Cravings in
Their Tracks 

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(And, they have Nothing to do with Willpower)

Are sugar cravings sabotaging your health goals? 

Do you find yourself reaching for that sweet treat, even when you're not hungry? If so, this free masterclass is perfect for you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Hello! I'm Lori, a certified health coach committed to helping women over 40 reclaim their health from sugar addiction. I've spent years studying and understanding how our bodies react to sugar, and I discovered 5 secrets that can stop sugar cravings right in their tracks.

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In this valued-packed masterclass, you’ll discover:

Identifying hidden sugars in your diet.



Understanding the psychological triggers

of sugar cravings.

Learning how to substitute sugar

with healthier alternatives.



Techniques to deal with sugar withdrawal symptoms.


Developing a personalized plan

to maintain a low-sugar lifestyle.

The best part? These secrets don't rely on extreme willpower or leave you feeling hungry. Instead, they are about understanding your body better and making smarter food choices that leave you satiated and energized.

So, are you ready to break free from sugar's hold and start living a healthier, more vibrant life? Sign up for this free masterclass today. Your journey towards a sugar-free lifestyle starts here!

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Your Ultimate Recipe Book To Kick the Sugar Habit

Indulging in tasty and healthy recipes is no longer a far-fetched dream. Say hello to meals that help you kick the sugar habit without compromising on flavor!


Grab this bonus when you join me in class at your scheduled time and discover some of my favorite and new recipes.

Watch now to snag this bonus!

Join Me in Class and Receive (for FREE):

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Catch the replay of this Masterclass:

A Note From Lori…

Hey there, friend! I get it - I've been in your shoes. Once upon a time, I was a junk food junkie, my stress levels were through the roof, and my health?
Let's just say it wasn't going in the right direction. 

Then life threw me a curveball - a major injury that took me out of the game for years. But you know what they say about when life gives you lemons, right? I decided to make the tastiest, healthiest lemonade ever!

With the help of a health coach, I kicked the junk food to the curb and embarked on a miraculous healing journey with whole foods and self-care. It transformed me so profoundly that I went back to school in 2015, at one of the top nutrition schools to help others find their path to freedom through food.

Fast forward to now, and I've helped hundreds of people achieve their health goals. And guess what? You're next!

Believe it or not, transformation starts with you. Ready to dive in?
Invest in yourself today and break free from those pesky cravings. Learn how to live the life you've always wanted. This Wellness Workshop is jam-packed with all the good stuff - lessons from my healing journey, insights and experiences from my coaching clients, and the latest research findings!

Are you ready to make a lifelong change and start living your dream life? Let's go on this exciting journey together!

I'll be with you every step of the way, starting with this free workshop.

See You There! 


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