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10 Ways To Find Peace When You Feel Overwhelmed

Download Lori's 10 ways to find peace when you feel overwhelmed


In This Guide, You'll Learn:

Easy to implement tips to take control of your stress response


How to be intentional about preventing stress


Ways to slow down and be present in your life


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A personal message from Lori...


Inhale, exhale…No really, Inhale…...Exhale….Ahhh, doesn’t that feel amazing!

I have lived the life of a stressed-out, over-scheduled mama. Busy at home, crazy work/travel schedule, never feeling caught up. I didn’t even recognize the stress because it was just how I lived my life, in stress. Sound familiar? 

I’ve left all of those awful stressful feelings behind and I want to help you do the same. 

Take it from me, you have the ability to create a new life. A life you absolutely love. How do I know? Because… I did it. 

It will always be an ongoing process, but I am intentional every day about preventing stress. I implemented a powerful self-care routine so when stressors come my way, I can shut them down instead of them shutting me down. I am still surprised sometimes by how well I can identify stress and protect myself from falling into the trap.  

My gift to you is my top 10 tips that are truthfully easy and fun to add to your schedule. Pick one tip to start, the easiest one, and add on from there.  



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